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Product > Dial Type Tire Gauge

Dial Type Pressure Gauge

Dial Type Tire Gauge is designed for ease of reading. Precise Meters offers various design for dial type gauge.

JL5016B Series
Dial Type Tire Gauge

Zinc Alloy Case
Enamelled Finished
Chrome Plated Valve Head
Acrylic Lens
0-55 PSI, 10-60 PSI, 10-100 PSI,
0-4.5 BAR
Diameter: 4.6 cm x 9.7 cm (L)



JL5006A & JL5006B
Dial Type Tyre Gauge

ABS Plastic Case & Stem
Acrylic Lens
Dia. 5 cm x L 10 cm
5-100 PSI or 10-100 PSI
Diameter: 4.8 cm


JL5006C Series
Dial Type Tire Gauge

Plastic Body
Acrylin Lens
Calibrated: 75 LBS
Scale Selection:
BAR, kPa, KG/cm2, PSI
Diameter: 4.5 cm


JL5006E Series
2-in-1 Pressure and Tread Gauge

ABS Case and Acrylic Lens
Pressure Calibration
0-60 LB/ 0-4.5 KG
Tread Calibration: 0-15 mm
Diameter: 4.5 cm


JL5027 Series
Dial Type Pressure Gauge w/ PVC Cover

2.37' Dial Plate at

0-160 PSI / 0-11 Bar
JL5027A: 6.2 x 130 cm
JL5027B: 6.2 x 128 cm

B: Value Head Direction Adjustable


JL5014 Series
Dial Type Pressure Gauge w/ Rubber Cover

1.88' Dial Plate at
0-60 PSI
Diameter 4.75 cm x 10.1 cm

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